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7667 East 46th Place Tulsa, OK 74145

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Main Administrative and Engineering Office:

Located at 7667 East 46th Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our engineering office provides a unique combination of highly experienced and dedicated engineers who take pride in producing the best process heat equipment available.

The cornerstone of The G. C. Broach Company is our versatile engineering team made up of professionals with over 230 years of combined experience in Heat Transfer, Combustion, Process Design, Mechanical Design, Instrumentation, Control Systems and Practical Manufacturing experience. All of our engineers have years of practical, hands on, field experience assisting our clients in the start-up, operation or modification of process heat equipment.

All administration, engineering and mechanical design is performed in our 11,000 square foot office complex that is fully networked with the most advanced computer systems. Our mechanical design group consists of personnel who have devoted the majority of their careers to the design of Heat Transfer Equipment. Each designer is totally familiar with ASME, NEC, AISC and AWS design codes.

Each inquiry is carefully analyzed to determine and verify all of the critical factors relevant to optimum satisfaction of the process heating and mechanical requirements of the customer’s specifications. All mechanical and electrical design is developed and produced on our high speed CAD System, providing our clients with drawings of unsurpassed quality. Single Source Reliability and performance perpetuates our position as the premier designer and manufacturer of process heat equipment.

Manufacturing Facility:

The Broach Manufacturing Plant was designed and built exclusively for the construction of Process Heat Equipment. Located at 8199 East 44th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma on a 16 acre tract, our 84,000 square foot assembly plant is fully covered by sixteen 50’ overhead bridge cranes with 22’-6” under hook.

Our facility has three private rail spurs and a 440’ internal rail bay for inside loading, painting, tie-down and final assembly for shipment. Each of the 21 final assembly bays open through individual 15’ wide by 22’ high doors to our direct car loading system.

All manufacturing functions are performed under one roof, in environmentally controlled conditions, so that weather is not a factor in production or scheduling.  Consistent thermostatically controlled temperatures and uniform mercury vapor lighting are maintained throughout to provide year-round control of welding and refractory quality.

Strict ASME and AWS quality control programs ensure that each unit meets the highest standards of craftsmanship, performance and dependability. We are fully qualified to weld all materials, ranging from low-temperature steels for arctic and cryogenic applications through low alloy, intermediate alloy, stainless steel and the most exotic high temperature alloys. Our plant is renowned for the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

Our manufacturing facilities also include 6,400 square feet of office space for production management and quality control, in addition to 10,200 square feet of warehouse space. A 1,500 square foot fully equipped instrument and electrical shop gives us the in-house capability to build control systems and fuel trains for any class or to any size.

Single Source Responsibility, without the use of subcontractors, has allowed The G. C. Broach Company to demonstrate our unique capability to design and manufacture replacement equipment on an emergency basis faster and more efficiently than any other organization.

For Sales Inquiries, please email, or call us at 918-664-7420.

Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 892.8 Billion BTU’s of heat each day.

We are certified under A.S.M.E. Sections I and VIII, The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and The People's Republic of China, Safety Quality License.