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Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG)

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The GC Broach Company applies 52 years of experience in designing and manufacturing steam generation equipment to provide a superior Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) design. Our design is modular and very simple to put together which should provide significant savings on erection cost. Our design is easily maintained and includes piggable coils with platforms that are large enough to accommodate pig launchers during the pigging process.

For Sales Inquiries, please email, or call us at 918-664-7420.

Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 892.8 Billion BTU’s of heat each day.

We are certified under A.S.M.E. Sections I and VIII, The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and The People's Republic of China, Safety Quality License.