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Turbine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Heaters

The G.C. Broach Company has designed and manufactured over 140 waste heat recovery units. A WHRU manufactured by The G.C. Broach Company is generally manufactured in accordance with “API 560 Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service” specifications and is usually ASME Section VIII Division One code stamped.

Turbine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Units are also referred to as heat medium WHRU, Dowtherm WHRU, diesel oil WHRU, auxiliary fired WHRU, Therminol WHRU, heat recovery WHRU, heat transfer fluid WHRU and thermal oil WHRU.

For Sales Inquiries, please email, or call us at 918-664-7420.

Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 892.8 Billion BTU’s of heat each day.

We are certified under A.S.M.E. Sections I and VIII, The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and The People's Republic of China, Safety Quality License.